Chinese New year Unit plan

February 1, 2016

We love celebrating the holidays and incorporating it into our lesson plans. This year we got together with another homeschool family and did a chinese new year party ( ahead of time). Here is what we did!

Our friends arrived with a fun celebration dragon they had crafted here it is:

image image

We greeted them with saying kung hei fat choi & good luck orange slices.
We started out by reading the book “The great race” , it taught the story of the chinese calendar. It was easy to get the children ready to undertsand the story behind what we were doing.

Then we made party hats! All we did was cut out circles, have the children design them then cut a line half way through to fit the hat to the children’s heads and glued red bead to keep the hats on there heads.

Then we made drums out of paper plates, wood dowels, yarn & beads. While this was going on a snuck in the kitchen and made Kimchi pancakes, ginger garlic pork lettuce wraps, Chinese Salad, Beef & Broccoli and Rice.
When the kids were done making the drums we had a FEAST!
Of course we finished it with Home made Gluten free Fortune cookies that our friends made and brought!


After a feast the children were in serious party mode! We played music and drums and the kids got very silly!

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