Damiana aphrodisiac Cordial

January 6, 2016

Next Month is Valentine’s Day and so I have certain things on my mind! Every year I use Damiana to make a aphrodisiac cordial for my husband and I to enjoy as well as chocolates.

The common name damiana is from the Old Greek daman or damia meaning “to tame or subdue.” Damiana is the wild one “who tames.”

It is also believed that the indigenous Guaycura in the Baja region of Mexico were the first to use damiana. It was taken during religious ceremonies, yet eventually banned as its passion inspiring powers got out of hand.

A bottle is often given as a gift to new brides and grooms because of the postive effects it has on letting you relax and stimulates the sex organs of both sexes as a tonic.

This desire eliciting herb invites the mind to relax and go with the flow. It helps those that are too “in their head” to re-establish a connection with their more sensual side. The leaves are used to “relieve excess mental activity and nervous debility” in Germany, and the Dutch are quite aware of this plant’s ability to enhance desire.

Damiana’s medicinal properties serve to uplift the spirit, improve digestion, relax the nervous system and to stimulate menstrual flow.

We are going to make a Damiana aphrodisiac Liqour:
Note: splurge on top shelf alcohol here as this will be your special valentines day treat!

1 ounce damiana leaves
2 cups vodka or brandy
1 ½ cup spring water
1 cup honey
dash of rose water (optional)

Soak the damiana leaves in the vodka or Rum for 5 days. Strain the leaves through cheesecloth, squeezing out as much of the liquid as possible. Reserve this alcohol extract and soak the strained leaves in the spring water for 3 days. Strain again through a cheesecloth, and again, squeeze out as much of the liquid as possible. In a small pot over low heat, warm this water extract and add the honey until the honey is completely dissolved. Remove from heat, combine with the alcohol extract, rose water and vanilla extract and store in a clean, airtight container for 1-2 months.

Before serving, pour the damiana liqueur into a beautiful vessel. You can also do 1 part damiana liqueur to 4 parts dry sparkling white wine.

Stay tuned for Damiana Chocolate Recipe coming soon!

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