A new inspiration: growing cotton

November 23, 2015

In South Carolina I picked cotton and was lured in by this crop. The history, the beauty of fresh cotton and the feel in your hands… The possibilities of all the uses.

I found myself picking cotton & humming thinking about the slaves that picked cotton day in and day out. They were farmers just like me. The slaves were the real farmers in the plantation. According to the audio tour I took, they would sometimes sneak off and hunt their own meat as well, since they weren’t fed enough for the amount of work they did.

So I have these seeds and I am inspired to grow my own cotton, dye it with my own indigo and spin it. 

The farm camp kids will love the sensory component to this crop! I’m so excited!

Below is a picture of the cotton I picked & the seeds I got from it, that I will plant!


By admin