“Living” math lessons on a road trip

November 19, 2015

“Living” math simply means it’s a math lesson we learned in real life.

Since we are on a two week cross country trip I wanted to make sure we were checking off the math lessons in addition to science, social studies, language arts, Art & music. 

It’s a great feeling over and over again learning that life is going to teach my kids everything they need to know… As long as we stay engaged.

On our road trip the ” are we there yet?” Was always answered by ” — miles to go” and then my daughter would ask how long is that? And I would answer ” — hours”. The children were learning distance (geography) as well as learning about hours, minutes etc.  There are so many opportunities in conversation to take these math lessons to the next level too!

When we would go to a tourist area on our trip, since my children always wanted me to buy everything in every store I decided to give them a budget. I would give them 2 dollars and would say you have 2 dollars if you can find something to buy, go for it, if not, save it and you will have 4 dollars at the next state we visit. When they did find something they needed to pay themselves with there money to add & subtract how much money it cost and how much they would expect to get back.

Living math is everywhere! We just need to allow our children to participate and stay engaged!

By admin