Engaging children in art history

November 17, 2015

Children have a natural love of art, when you make it project base it engages children interest. Here is an example about how we led up to visit the Georgia o’keefe museum.

Learning about Georgia O’Keefe

1- read Georgia’s auto biography

2- museum art exhibit hunt with questions about the artwork. The Georgia O’Keefe museum already had a book setup for this, but you can make one ahead of time if you know ahead of time exactly which art pieces will be on exhibit. Just get a postcard of some of the works & tell the children to find that specific piece. Once your child has found it, ask questions. What color do you see? How many different kinds of colors? What does it look like?

3- take a postcard of your child’s favorite piece and bring it home to paint a copy. Here is a cute lesson plan on drawing flowers inspired by Georgia O’Keefe.


We Can Help Our Families Learn to Love the Fine Arts!  Help them lay a solid foundation for a lifetime of appreciation of the arts. What can we do to help ourselves and others appreciate worthwhile, lasting art?

Enjoy the arts together. Appreciation of the arts can bring great joy into your life and the lives of your family members. So, sit down as a family and make a list of cultural activities the family members can do together and individually. Consider local calendars of events.

If you share your love and enjoyment of the arts with your family, your children will be more likely to develop the same love and enjoyment.

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