When the homeschool funk happens

November 3, 2015

Last week we did close to nothing for school. The momentum disappeared and learning should be fun, so I didn’t push it. Then monday, I tried again and the funk was still there. So I contacted my dear homeschool mom friend that homeschools her 3 children at once and asked her if she ever experienced the homeschool funk. She told me that they do projects instead when the funk happens and sent me a picture of her children doing a sewing project with their grandpa. Two things came to mind #1 projects and #2 get other people to work with your children from time to time.This sounds like fun actually.

Then I had a “Oh yeah! Projects! Duh! ” moment. It’s always so nice to bounce things off of friends because sometimes you just forget.

My daughter LOVES projects and many projects can incoroporate all subjects in one project. Math, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Art.

Field trip can break up funk too! Or how about visiting a member in the community that could use cheering up?

When ever I am at loss for ideas, I look to the holidays for themes. Unless of course, my children are asking to learn something specific.

So I am turning to Autumn and Thanksgiving for curriculum. Keep posted on the projects I have in mind to keep my children engaged this month!

By admin