Raising healthy love for this world one child at a time!

October 31, 2015

I come from a generation of parents that were taught when they were young that children should be seen not heard. This morning as I was holding my youngest in my arms I realized my children might feel more loved than I did. When I was younger I didn’t really feel unloved though. When a child is told over & over again ” I’m so lucky I get to be your mama” or ” I always want to be with you” …. Things could change. That’s my goal and always has been, to raise children that will be a contribution to this world. All children will contribute something, I want my children’s contribution to be their happy, healthy holy hearts though. Of course after that, they can be whoever they want to be. Love is the answer right? Then raising children that know healthy love and that will radiate love wherever they go and with everything they do is my mission. They don’t need to save the world, I’m just hoping they can radiate their love for the world to see. Love for the earth. Love for the people and love for themselves. 

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