DIY natural skin care

October 30, 2015

1. Oil Cleansing in the Evening
I was apprehensive about smothering my face with oil, since my face has always been on the oily side.  I love it! It removes all traces of makeup  ( when I use to wear make up)and leaves my skin soft. Putting oil on your skin actually normalizes oil production. I usually put it on and wait 10 minutes and wipe off the excess. According to Ayuredic practices  certain oils are good for certain people, Almond oil works on all dosha’s, so that’s a good base!

2. Honey Cleansing in the Morning
In the mornings, I wash my face with honey. With slightly dampened fingers, I massage about 1/2 teaspoon of raw honey over my dry face and then rinse. The antibacterial properties of honey work to inhibit breakouts. Additionally, it removes excess oil but leaves skin moisturized. The first time I did it, I could not believe how soft it made my skin!
3. Apple Cider Vinegar Toner for Acne
Mornings and evenings, I spray my face with a mixture of 2/3 water and 1/3 raw apple cider vinegar. The apple cider contains gentle exfoliating acids to calm acne and it balances the skin’s pH.
4. Homemade A Facial Oil
I fill a 1 oz. jar with jojoba oil then add a few drops of carrot seed oil. The jojoba oil dissolves excess sebum without over-drying the skin, and the carrot seed oil is extremely reparative and healing for the skin. I also add rose essential oil and chamomile essential oil to calm & heal my skin.
5. Diet & Acupuncture for Acne and Hormone Balance
After cleaning up my diet I realized a huge difference in my skin. Eczema is a great example of this, eczema is usually properly treated internally with diet vs, topically. You can cover a problem up or you can fix it, choice is yours! If you have hormone issues that cause monthly break outs, then I suggest acupuncture or chaste berry tincture daily. Many have allergies they aren’t aware of, personally I can have dairy in the summer but not the winter! Getting to know how to support your body is key!


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