How to help your teething child with herbs

October 21, 2015

When your child is teething, you feel it. It’s rough. I was impressed when I tried Rosamary Gladstar’s High Calcium children’s tea recipe. The recipe works! Also, it taste really good! The whole family can drink it! I am revisiting this recipe because my daughter’s adult teeth are pushing through and she has been extra sensitive lately. A dear friend of mine also asked me recently what she could do to help her teething baby get through the transition.You can use this recipe when your children go through growth spurts too. Also if you have a bone or muscle injury.


3 parts rose hips

2 parts lemon balm

2 parts lemongrass

2 parts oats

1 part nettle

i part rasberry leaf

1/2 part cinnamon

a pinch of stevia to sweeten (optional)


Combine the herbs & store in a air tight container. You can make daily tea out of this formula, have your children  drink it as much as possible. You will be impressed with the results.

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Cultivating Herbal Friendships

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