Witch Switch for Halloween treats

October 20, 2015

We love halloween around here. One thing we don’t love is how to deal with the candy issue without making my kids feel like they are different from all the kids. We don’t do sugar much considering its SO bad for your body. What we are doing this year is “Witch Switch”.

Basically, my children get to go trick or treating for the witch. Once they are done, they leave the candy outside in a bowl for the witch to take with a note.  The witch does not come until the children go to sleep, the gift will be by the bed when they wake up.

This year we will be switching the candy for coloring books, crayons and a fun toy. It doesn’t need to cost a bunch of money, in fact it shouldn’t. It should be fun & worth the switch though! Get creative, have fun!

My children are very excited about the witch switch because they already know we don’t eat candy, they mostly love dressing up. What do you do about the whole candy issue?

By admin