Our homeschool schedule

October 15, 2015

I just thought I would share with you all my homeschool schedule I made for Maya. This schedule is flexable & can change at any time but it helps me focus.  We just do about 20 minutes of each, but we break it up. “stories” means we work on a fairy tale or story a month and use that as a theme if there isn’t a holiday theme we aren’t already working on. “social studies” is usually a autobiography we are learning about. Writing is copy work. Maya also uses Rosetta Stone on the computer with me, but we prefer her talking to friends in spanish as well. Art can be lots of things, but generally goes with a holiday or theme we have been talking about. We go where the wind takes us! Nature Studies is learning about trees, birds, local wildlife and more. Basically I let my kids get bored in the woods and they reactivate my inner child while I engage them. It’s all fun and there is just so much to teach, I just use this guide to keep me focused sometimes.

Maya’s Kindergarten Homeschool Schedule

Time Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri
9 – 9:20am reading math reading math reading
9:20- 9:40am writing stories writing stories writing
6- 6:20pm social studies spanish social studies spanish social studies


art nature science art nature science art


piano lessons roller skating play





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