Shearing day at the farm

September 24, 2015

A few days ago we got our sheep sheared. It’s a pampering day for the sheep because they get their hooves trimmed as well as dewormed. What we get is healthy, happy sheep and a bunch of wool. So what do we do with our wool? Well this will be the first of many post about all our uses of wool.

I save about half our white wool for felting projects that I can natural dye & I will be sending in the other half to the wool mill to have turned in yarn I can also dye.

I also spin too! But it takes much longer!

Our Navajo churro sheep produce all sorts of colors such as greys, reds, all shades of Browns, black, cream and white. So we send a bunch in to get spun or even just carded into batts.

We also make pillows are blankets filling with organic Cotton casings.

We have also started making felted rugs, hats, bags, dryer balls & more.

You can make almost anything with the wool, and we have tons of it! So keep tuned to learn all about our adventures with wool and the awesomeness of wool.

By admin