Curried squash, peas & bacon 

September 20, 2015

we were tired, didn’t know what we wanted to eat or make and it was late. This meal was easy & very satisfying. Great for the fall. 

 1 winter squash

1 pack of bacon

4 cups of peas

Curry spice mix

Salt to taste

preheat oven to 350. Cut up squash into strips ( peel if you’d like, we don’t) and layer in baking pan,  sprinkle curry powder over squash. Put squash in oven. In a skillet, cook bacon. Once bacon is done pull it out & cut up into small chunks. Add peas & bacon bits back to skillet until peas are cooked. Once the squash is cooked, poor pea & bacon mixture on top of squash and serve. 

By admin