Why we homeschool

September 9, 2015

I have had a lot of people ask me why we decided to homeschool.

Since the day I found out I was pregnant with my first, I was talking about homeschooling & also received harsh reaction when I would ask what others thought of homeschooling. Generally, I listen to my heart more than people’s opinions, I’m a bit of a rebel that way I suppose. I know that homeschooling is not for everyone, and for some households this just isn’t a option. But I have been asked why I choose to homeschool and these are my honest answers.

So Why? what are my reasons?

#1 I don’t remember learning much in school.

I remember being so distracted by being around hundreds of children, that I really could not focus on learning. Yes, my children will learn better in their own environment with less distractions.

#2 Their is no God or spirituality allowed in school.

I’m not a crazy religious person but I do believe in God, and I am truly sad for the people that have been so pushed away from religion that they don’t want our children to grow up with faith. I understand that there are many religions out there & its hard to honor one. We honor all religion around here and I want to teach my daughter that religion is beautiful.

#3 I want to protect my children from what’s going on out there.

Yes, I do believe my child is safer at home. It is reality that school shootings have occurred. It is reality that there are kids that are going to be mean & teach my children about hurt way earlier than I would like them to learn about it, if I send my children to school with the general public. Do I think my child will have to deal with mean people & unsafe situations in life eventually? Yes, but not at five years old. Also, I have no control over the staff that I will be entrusting my child to.  Yes, there are some great teachers out there, but I’m not willing to take the chance with my children.

#4 Life is the real school

We sell at the farmers market & my children learn math. In the spring my daughter picked edible flowers from the garden & sold them at the farmers market, she then spent all her earnings on jewelry. She learned about how hard it is to earn money & how to be careful what you spend it on. This is just one example of how there are opportunities in real life ALL the time to learn.

School didn’t prepare most people for real life because they were too busy in school, learning things that dont apply. My children will be encouraged to do projects that will prepare them for real life, because the projects will be inspired by real life. Life encourages learning all the time.

#5 Personal curriculum

My children won’t get a curriculum taught to them, designed for them in school. I can design the way I teach according to how my children learn & what excites them. I will have a way easier chance keeping them engaged. They will understand that learning happens everywhere at anytime, their whole lives.

#6 I dont want to miss out on this time in my childrens life.

Before I know it, my children will be grown up and I will finally be able to feel like an adult again. This young age doesn’t last forever and what I really want is all day to hug & appreciate this time with my children. Although yes, it was hard to give up the break from them all day long ( I do envy getting a break from the kids also!) . . . I don’t want to lose this moment. I want to teach my children about the world in my own loving way. I want my children to be my contribution to the world & I would miss a huge chunk of their lives sending them to school.

#7 Stress.

If its one thing I have learned over the years, it’s that stress is not good. Let’s compare the two scenarios. The way we do it is, we wake up & the children get out their homeschool bins while I make breakfast in our pajamas, nothing is rushed. We read, write and then we do yoga and go outside to care for the farm. Nothing is rushed because we don’t really have to be anywhere at any specific time. If my children were to go away to school, the children would need to get dressed while I was cooking breakfast & packing lunch. We would need to pack any homework assignments & rush in the car to drop them off to school in time and also I would need to rush back to pick them up.

Also, we can do homeschooling at any time of day, at any location. We could go on vacation any time we want. We can go on field trips anytime we want. I can teach my children to slow down & appreciate life. My children can learn at their own pace. I am also not rushed or stressed.

#8 Failing school systems.

Let’s face it, even the teachers admit it, they are under paid & over worked. The budget is too small, the demands are too high for the children. I can’t choose my own teacher and the class ratio makes things very impersonal. America needs better education, I am not sure the answer but I am willing to take matters in my own hands . . . and heart!

#9 The real socialization

The whole socialization argument is pretty ridiculous. Children in school only get socialized with children their same exact age for the most part. My children  join playgroups & have friends they meet up with regularly, but the socialization that has a real impact on my children is having relationships with older people, young people and other people of other cultures. When my children play with younger children then them, they learn to be gentle, they learn to be considerate of others level of learning & they learn to be teachers in their own right. When my children make relationships with older people than them, they usually learn something, they learn to humble, polite & respectful. My children have friends of all different cultures as well & this teaches them about the beautiful world we live in. Homeschooled children, in my opinion, are getting the best socialization.


Albert Einstein, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison,Wolfgang Mozart, Claude Monet, Leonardo DaVinci, Beatrix Potter, Mark Twain, Robert Frost, Ansel Adams, Abraham Lincoln, John Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, Susan B Anthony . . . the list goes on of amazing people that were homeschooled. Something strikes very clear to me, homeschooled children are encouraged to do what they believe in regardless of what others think.

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