How to milk a cow or goat

September 9, 2015

First you need a cow or goat that is lactating, which means she just had a calf and is in milk.

You might want to build a stanchion to hold the cow in place while you milk her. We have one for our goats ( HIGHLY recommended for goats) but not for our cow.

You might also want to put her on halter & rope to walk her to the stanchion. If you have her with her calf, you will need to separate them for the night, I don’t recommend doing until adleast a week after she has calved. The calf really needs her mama’s milk. You will also need some grain to give her while she is being milked. You can purchase your own organic livestock blend or you could put one together for her. Preferably I would avoid feeding her soy. something with sweet molasses is good. Even better is fodder mixed with grain, we really want cows to get as much of real live food as possible, but if she is going to be providing us with milk, she could use the extra calories in grain. I also add Diatomaceous earth to her grain mix once per week, as well as Kelp to add minerals. We also put apple cider vinegar in all our livestocks water dishes once per week.

You will also need something to clean her teats before you milk her. Some people use dilutes bleach water, some us teat dip that’s made of iodine antiseptic. We make a solution of water & doTERRA essential oils of Tea Tree, Oregano and Lavender. You will need paper towel to clean the teats completely dry and a bucket or shallow pan to empty the teats first few squirts of milk. You do this so that if there is any bacteria in the milk from the ground or whatever, it wont be in your milk. You will also need a bucket or milk machine. We have a milk machine.  Once your done milking you will need to filter the milk, you can filter the milk using coffee filters but I use this milk filter & funnel. You will want to milk your cow at the same time everyday. once or twice a day depending on how much milk you want. but always 12/24 hours apart. So 6am & 6pm everyday or 7am every morning. If you mess up the schedule you can cause your cow to get mastitis or milk fever.

supplies needed:

– stanchion

– halter & rope

Once you have all your supplies you are ready to milk!

1: Fill the stanchion tray or bucket with grain mix.

2: Put cow on halter and walk over to stanchion, attach her to stanchion.

3: Spray teats with antiseptic solution and clean each teat with separate paper towel sheets. be sure not to double wipe or you could just be moving bacteria from one teat to the other.

4: Strip each teat’s first 2 squirts into your strip cup. Get in the habit of  looking at the milk in the strip cup. If its ever clumpy, she might have mastitis.

5: Hand milk into bucket or turn on milk machine & put suction cups on each teat.

6 :Once there is no more milk coming out you can stop milking.

7: Walk her back over to the cow pasture or paddock.

8: Bring the milk inside right away & filter into jars.

9: Put Jars in freezer for 15 minutes to get down to tempature as fast as possible.

10: take out of freezer & put in your fridge

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