How to make yogurt

September 9, 2015

In our home we try to get as much probiotics from our foods as possible. Store bought yogurt is not cultured to optimal hours at around 5 hours versus the 12 hour culture we do at our home.

you can either order a yogurt starter ( euro cuisine yogurt maker) or you can go to the store & buy your favorite plain yogurt to use as your starter.

As far as yogurt makers go. you don’t need a yogurt maker, but you do need to somehow keep the yogurt culturing at 110 consistantly for 5-12 hours. I like to use this yogurt maker for small serving sizes an d this one to make big batches for frozen yogurt.

I top my yogurt with honey and fresh berries, that way it has probiotics, antibiotics & prebiotics.

You will need:

yogurt starter

raw milk

1- Start with Raw whole milk if you can

2- heat up milk to 180 degrees

3- cool milk to 110 degrees & stir in culture ( 2tsp)

4- put in yogurt maker or whatever you have set up to keep the temperature at 110 degrees.

5- after 5-12 hours bottle up & refrigerate.

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