How to make cultured butter

September 9, 2015

How to make cultured butter


1 qt of heavy cream

mesh strainer

ice water

There is something special about making your own butter. We have our own family cow so we have plenty of milk! We wait until we have adleast 2-3 gallons of milk before we begin to collect cream. We also wait for a few days for the cream to rise to the top of the milk so we can get as much cream as possible. Once the cream has risen, we scoop the top layer of cream from each of the mason jars. We scoop it directly into our vitamix.

If you dont have a cow you can buy heavy cream at the grocery store.

To make the buttter all you have to do is slowly blend the heavy cream in blender. If you want the butter to be cultured, leave it out on the counter over night.

Start at low speed & slowly add speed. Add salt now if you want to. The cream will seperate from the buttermilk in about 1 minute. Strain buttermilk from butter ( reserving buttermilk ). I like to push the butter into balls with my spoon to push out any extra buttermilk. The more buttermilk you get out, the longer your butter will last in refridgerator. Rinse butter with ice water.  Pack butter into strorage container or molds. I like to use these molds.  If you aren’t going to use your butter right away, I recommend freezing the butter.

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