Book Review: The mountains of tibet, by Mordecai Gerstein

September 9, 2015

Death can be a hard thing to explain to children, especially when it hard to figure out as adults. Alot of questions that come up that we don’t really know the answer to for sure. This book gives the explanation of the tibetan people, who discuss death & living as one. I loved the beautiful way this story talked about Life & Death. The book was inspired by the famous book  “The Tibet book of dying”.  The book talks about what happens in the after life & how we choose to come back in another life if we choose. The author also explains this book is not only about dying but also about living your life to its potential. The illustration of the book is also so beautiful & poetic.

Sogyal Rinpoche wrote this about the book – “ The wonder & greatness of Tibetan tradition is that it is a living one, one that can be transmitted to, and absorbed & embodied by people raised in the modern world. In the mountains of Tibet, Mordecai Gerstein shows us how beautiful and imaginatively the tibetan teachings on living and dying can be presented to children. These teachings are relevant to all of us, and perhaps there has never been a time when we needed them more.”

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